Nadine Artemis


Nadine Artemis is a gifted aromacologist and visionary who gathers and works with the purest ingredients and the intelligence embodied in plant juice. Nadine seeks to inspire people to rethink the traditional concept of beauty with her paradigm of “Renegade Beauty.” This is an effortless beauty without régime that flows through you. A lifestyle in which “everything unessential, contrived and artificial falls away” allowing the life-force of “flowers, dewdrops, plants, sun and water” to be the ingredients of beauty.

A key speaker at conferences and television interviews, Nadine has received glowing reviews for her work in the Hollywood Reporter, New York Times and National Post. Alanis Morrissette, describes Nadine as “a true sense-visionary! Nadine has the greatest collection of rare and special oils… she has a wondrous knowledge and passion for it all.”

Aveda founder, Horst Rechelbacher, calls Nadine “a pure flower of creativity.”

Through Living Libations™, a company co-created with her partner Ron Obadia, Nadine offers beauty products that bring out the strength of the botanicals without reliance on synthetics. By drawing on her gift of synesthesia, with which scent is also depicted as living color, Nadine is able to tap into the purest plant essences, enabling her to create the most sublime botanical compounds.

Of Nadine’s prolific formulations, her potent dental drops are used worldwide and provide the most effective and purest oral care available. Nadine affirms that happy, healthy teeth and gums promote the full enjoyment of life.