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With purchase of your LNC 2018 ticket you will be gifted a FREE copy of David Wolfe and R.A. Gauthier’s BRAND NEW book – The Beauty Diet – when you arrive to register at the event*!

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About The Book

Our appearance is a mirror that reflects our lifestyle choices, our state of mind, and our potential. Yet our desire to be beautiful instead of to create, feel, and nourish beauty from the inside out has fueled a $160 billion beauty and cosmetics industry that exposes women to an average of 168 different chemicals a day. This onslaught of toxins pollutes our bodies, ravages our complexion, and destroys our energy and vitality.

David Wolfe’s long-awaited, groundbreaking book reveals why a natural, toxin-free lifestyle is not only the best way to achieve lasting beauty, it is the only way. Under Wolfe’s guidance, we learn easy and effective dietary and lifestyle changes like implementing organic superfoods and superherbs and detoxifying the liver, kidneys, lungs, and colon. Simply put, nature’s most powerful foods are the beauty solution we have been waiting for. The strategies you’ll find in The Beauty Diet are safe, effective, and most important, natural ways to slow the aging process. The results are immediate so you can enjoy glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and renewed vitality NOW while building a foundation for long-lasting beauty.

Featuring over 50 simple, delicious recipes (beauty has never tasted so good!), a 3 day beauty cleanse, a 7 day beauty jumpstart, and many other powerful beauty strategies, The Beauty Diet is the ultimate resource and the healthiest, most accessible path to beauty from the inside out.

10 FREE BONUSES worth $497.79


The Beauty Diet Book Private Q&A Group Call with David Wolfe

($149 value)

Read the book. Absorb and process the material. Send in your most pressing beauty question. Then, join David Wolfe in May for a private group call where he shares advanced anti-aging and wellness strategies with you, answering as many of the group’s questions as possible!


The Beauty Diet Video Recipe Series with David Wolfe

($149 value)

Enjoy over 2 hours of streaming video featuring David Wolfe in the kitchen mixing up his favorite beauty recipes. Includes Beauty Diet Recipe Streaming Video, Video Transcription Ebook, Recipe Ebook with bonus recipes, 3 Beautifying Face Masks Streaming Video with Transcription Ebook, and $20 Gift Certificate to Longevity Warehouse®.



Sea Salt: The #1 Mineral for Health Video Presentation & Ebook Transcription

($49.97 value)

Water and salt are the basis of life, and yet we’ve been conditioned to believe salt is bad for us! This important presentation from David Wolfe, reveals the truth about how salt is critical to our health and longevity.


Longevity Secrets Video Presentation & Ebook Transcription

($49.97 value)

Since the 1940s, an estimated 77,000 chemicals have been dumped into the environment. We’re struggling against a huge epigenetic problem as the deadly genes in our bodies are getting switched on by the carcinogens in our air, earth, water, and food. David Wolfe explains the simple, yet critically important things you can do to stay healthy as you age in a toxic world.


Wheat Belly: The Hidden Dangers of the Most Consumed Crop in America Video Presentation & Ebook Transcription

($49.97 value)

Learn how modern day wheat is causing heart disease and obesity for millions of Americans by spiking insulin and blood sugar levels to unprecedented heights. This toxic ingredient is hidden in almost all processed foods and was deliberately cultivated to cause addictive food cravings.


Top 10 Superfoods for Living Your Best Life Ever Ebook

($19.97 value)

David Wolfe explains in delicious detail the top 10 superfoods to increase energy and vitality. Discover which superstar foods support your immune system, hormones, weight loss, skeletal system, respiratory system, and digestive system…and better yet, learn how to easily incorporate them into your daily life.


12 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Life Ebook

($19.97 value)

Counteracting stress is a critical part of allowing your body to repair itself. In this Ebook, David Wolfe explains 12 easy-to-follow ways to reduce the strain of the modern world on your adrenal glands and improve your overall health.


Holistic Oral Care – Avoid the Dentist without Ignoring your Teeth Ebook

($19.97 value)

We have been taught to brush our teeth twice a day and visit the dentist in order to prevent tooth decay. And yet, the staggering number of cavities, crowns, root canals, bleeding gums, and extracted teeth confirm that there is something more to it than just that.


Good Mood Foods Ebook

($19.97 value)

Part of a balanced, sustainable beauty regimen is paying attention to how you feel. Plant-based nutrition can yield a host of benefits including good moods and an optimist disposition. When you feel really good, you radiate an undeniable magnetic energy that draws more goodness into your life.


25% off Coupon for Longevity Warehouse®

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Offering heirloom, non-GMO, organic/wildcrafted products that honor the farms, forest, and land, Longevity Warehouse® gives you access to the most nutrient-dense superfoods, superherbs, and other natural products. Upgrade your health easily and completely!

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