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The Longevity Now® Conference champions a select group of exhibitors whose products contribute to the superior health and well-being of others, enhance peak performance, and are both eco-friendly and sustainable.

Exhibitors display a wide range of products such as organic, raw, and vegan foods; organic herbs, teas, and supplements; natural living products; longevity technologies; media selections; and eco-friendly clothing. Speak one-on-one with the owners of these amazing companies, sample their products, and bring home exactly what items are best for YOU.

“One of my favorite parts about the Longevity Now® Conference is being able to visit all of the exhibitors and find exciting new wellness products to incorporate into my life when I get home.”

– Laura, Conference Participant

2018 Conference Exhibitors

More to be announced soon

Longevity Warehouse®

Bringing you access to the most amazing superfoods, superherbs, and other natural products to take your health to the next level.


The free electrons on the surface of the Earth are easily transferred into our body through our revolutionary technology.  Return your body to return to its normal electrical state to support the health of your immune system.

Living Libations

Free from artificial and synthetic colors, preservatives, fragrances, and petrochemicals, every component of our Libations is a fully potent, active ingredient. The nectar of plants is an ever-offering gift that magnifies beauty.

Integrated Bliss

Jewelry to rock your mind, body and spirit.  Chakra inspired malas, bracelets and more handmade in Los Angeles

Live Water

Fresh spring water with natural minerals and probiotics, straight comes from Opal Spring in Madras, Oregon. At the spring head, 108,000 gallons per minutes gushes out of a lava tube. It travels from super deep in the earth where it has been filtered and charged by natural elements.

Anita Arze

We specialize in luxury handmade clothing with a mission to drive sustainably employment in the developing world. We work with expert indigenous artisans in Bolivia and Peru, 70%-80% being women. We respect and utilize handmade manufacturing techniques that have taken generations to perfect. Our focus is on social responsibility and environmentally conscious practices.


We at Schizandu Organics are committed to bringing you the highest quality WILDCRAFTED and ORGANIC products so that you can be confident that you are not only AVOIDING chemicals but also giving your body the NOURISHMENT it needs. Perfectionism has always been our “thing” and while we know we will not be able to satisfy everyone, we certainly try hard! We strive to make every person who is interested in using only the PUREST products the happiest customer.