Longevity Now® Conference Speaker Testimonials:

“This event is one of the highlights of my year. It is the ‘go-to’ event if you want to increase your knowledge about how to improve your health.” ~ Dr. Joseph Mercola, Founder of Mercola.com

“I speak at events all over the country and the world on Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. I speak to doctors, scientists and lay people from all walks of medicine and life. I enjoy all of these events but the shining star of all of my time on stage, and with people in general, is The Longevity Now® Conference event. There is a magic in the air at the LNC that I simply cannot experience anywhere else. It is a fabulous, mind expanding, life affirming event and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.” ~ Dr. Dave Woynarowski, MD

“The Longevity Now® Conference is our most favorite event of the year. The amazing line up of speakers and the enthusiasm of the attendees reboots our brains and reinvigorates our souls. The lofty reputation of the conference attracts leading edge scholars and practitioners who engage the audience with unique data and gentle guidance in optimizing our health and well-being. Year after year, we rely on The Longevity Now® Conference to get our juices flowing!” ~ Nadine Artemis

“I hear from Joel the event was awesome! He said there was about 1600 fired-up people – really fired up, which is good! I understand the group went crazy and interrupted about a dozen times with applause during the performance. Now that speaks volumes!” ~ Barbara Reeves, Client Relationship Manager for Joel Salatin

Longevity Now® Conference Attendee Testimonials:

“I work in the “healthcare” system and am surrounded by illness every day. LNC is my annual health therapy session. It’s a wonderful time to connect with health/wellness gurus and make like-minded friends as well as refresh my body and mind.” ~ Karen G

“This was my 2nd LNC. As a psychotherapist I have always been on a journey of mental wellness but since attending this conference, being amongst amazing people and hearing David Wolfe, I now incorporate in my life and my clients life’s a holistic wellness approach. It has transformed my life completely. I think you are amazing David. Thank you for what you do.” ~ Iris G

“I was so lucky to go to the Longevity Now® Conference. It’s not just the information that’s so remarkable at his conference, it’s the people! It’s this unity wave of desire for knowledge and a better way! The energy in the room is enormous! We were all connected. I learned so much! I was also blessed to get some time there with David Wolfe. What a beautiful soul he is and how lucky are we to learn from him! His curiosity and kindness are contagious! Don’t miss it and the ripple effect of his goodness continues! xo” ~ Judy B

“Mind-Blowing and Life Changing.” ~ Stephanie J

“I’ve attended three times. Last time as a volunteer. I loved it every time and wish I could go back to every event but I live in Europe and it’s a bit costly to come back every time. Just the vibration of all the like-minded people is hard to put into words. The best part though, is of course the information being shared in the presentations. I’ve learned so much at The Longevity Now® Conference. Plus, it’s fun to buy all sorts of healthy goodies in between the talks.” ~ Ingrid S

Volunteer Testimonials:

“For me, after having attended three Longevity Now® Conferences, I can share that each one has been life changing. The diversity, generosity, high energy, thought provoking information and kindness throughout the staff and speakers, is not only enlightening but truly inspiring!” ~
Emily W

“The Longevity Now® Conference experience was phenomenal, mind blowing, one-of-a-kind experience, lots of learning lots amazing people. The energy was very high and everyone was always smiling! I loved having a large yoga class in the morning to motivate everyone, and especially the class with David Wolfe was excellent! The hosts were extremely well organized and generous with the give aways! The meetings, and level of communications were excellent and well executed on many levels! The book signings, prize product raffles, and most importantly… presenters were all flawlessly scheduled for the full experience and well thought out to satisfy all the participants. “ ~ Marcelo H

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to serve on Team Bravo! I had a GREAT time, learned A LOT and made some new friends. I hope to be able to do it again in the future!” ~ Rhonda M

“I remember my first time volunteering. It was the most fun and exciting weekend I’ve had in my life. For the first time, I was around like-minded people, it was fantastic! I made friends and was exposed to cutting-edge health and longevity information and it keeps getting better. What I notice at every event are folks that are new to all of it. They have taken the first steps to changing their lives and are excited! I love seeing their faces. It just reaffirms to me, that these events are changing peoples lives.” ~ Felicia B