Ron Teeguarden

Ron Teeguarden started studying Chinese herbalism in 1969. He has been a practitioner of Asian health care since 1971 and has been a practicing herbalist since 1974. Although he is not genetically of Asian decent, he has been a powerful translator of Eastern philosophy and health care techniques to ten’s of thousands of Westerners for four decades.

In 1969 Ron was a founder of Eden Organic Foods, one of the largest natural foods companies in America. In addition to his herbal studies, Ron studied a wide range of traditional Asian healthcare techniques. He studied with numerous Oriental masters and doctors until, in 1974, he met his greatest teacher, Master Sung Jin Park. From Master Park, Ron learned the principles, theories and practices of the Oriental Art of Radiant Health that he employs today.

In 1976, Ron spent five months studying various Asian healthcare techniques in Japan. During this stay in Japan, Ron came up with the idea of the ‘elixir bar.’ However, it was eight more years before the first elixir bar was to manifested in America.

His first book, Chinese Tonic Herbs, written in 1984 (Japan Publications), has become a classic in the field, and is required reading by anyone interested in Chinese herbalism. Ron has developed a broad proprietary line of herbal products the likes of which have never been seen before in America. The line included numerous exotic products that have been used in Asia for centuries but had never been seen in America. He has been featured in articles in Time Magazine, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and in numerous news stories on television, including features on CNN, VH1 and NBC. He was on the cover of the L.A. Reader holding a Reishi mushroom.

In 2000 Ron published through Time Warner Books “The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs.’ Ron currently co-runs Dragon Herbs, a purveyor of hundreds of superior herbal products, with his wife Yanlin Teeguarden.