The Longevity Now® Conference champions a select group of exhibitors whose products contribute to the superior health and well-being of others, enhance peak performance, and are both eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Exhibitors display a wide range of products such as organic, raw, and vegan foods; organic herbs, teas, and supplements; natural living products; longevity technologies; media selections; and eco-friendly clothing. Speak one-on-one with the owners of these amazing companies, sample their products, and bring home exactly what items are best for YOU. 

2016 Exhibitors


Longevity Warehouse®'s mission is to provide you access to the most amazing superfoods, superherbs, and other natural products with the highest possible integrity so you can take your health to the next level. The articles, recipes, and information provided at Longevity Warehouse® are designed to help you make informed decisions about your health to add more years to your life, and more life to your years. Longevity Warehouse avidly supports organic farming, and sustainable and fair trade businesses.


Earthing™ is a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. We live on a planet that is alive with natural energies and subtly pulsating frequencies caused by "free electrons." The free electrons on the surface of the Earth are easily transferred up, into, and throughout our body as long as there is direct contact with the ground. By reconnecting to the Earth within your house, via Earthing™ technology, you enable your body to return to its normal electrical state.


Dragon Herbs® is a provider of health promoting herbs and complimentary services, including education and educational materials. At Dragon Herbs®, they know that radiant health is the result of good living and a healthy lifestyle. As a team, they are dedicated to aiding and guiding you on your path to radiant health, and to building a better world as a result. Dragon Herbs® offers over 1000 herbal formulations, and their highly trained, professional herbalists consider it their responsibility to help you find the best herbs and formulations for YOU. 


 Living Libations® is an exquisite line of serums, elixirs and essentials oils for those seeking the purest of the pure botanical health and beauty products on the planet. Free from artificial and synthetic colors, preservatives, fragrances, and petrochemicals, every component of a Libation is an active ingredient. They preserve purity, space, and resources by offering full potency products without fillers or diluters. Living Libations' rigorous standard of purity honors the health and preservation of forests, lakes and rivers, farms, and the people who cultivate and distill for them.


Four Sigmatic® is an American superfood company founded by a group of Finnish friends. It is based on their belief that health can be vastly improved through simple dietary tweaks. The easiest way to do this? Mushrooms, the most scientifically studied and proven superfood. Four Sigmatic wants to popularize medicinal mushrooms by incorporating them in popular products like coffee and hot cocoa.


These high performance, environmentally sensitive infrared saunas are used and recommended by David Wolfe. Clearlight™ Saunas are widely used for supporting detoxification, heart health, and the body’s normal response to relief of muscular and arthritic aches and pains, improved sleep, weight loss, deep relaxation, and skin rejuvenation. Each sauna comes with a 100% Lifetime Warranty. Stop by their booth and take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the benefits of infrared sauna yourself!


Holistic dentistry is the process of approaching dentistry not just in terms of dental health, but of the overall health of the mind, body and spirit. Dr. David Villarreal (keynote speaker at our last Women's Wellness Conference™) is a holistic, biological dentist who began his education in Biological Dentistry at his first Dr. Huggins' Seminar back in 1992. After studying extensively with Dr. Huggins, he has made Biological Dentistry his life's passion. At the BioDental Healing booth, you can receive a free Mercury Vapor Test to determine if your current metal fillings or crowns are releasing Mercury Vapor. Come visit Dr. Villarreal and his friendly staff!


Therapy Cryo Salon knows the importance of health and we do it as naturally as possible, utilizing tools that kick start the body to work its own magic of healing. We will be offering one hour treatments of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and spot therapy using TECAR therapy. We offer a continuum of pure healthcare solutions that ultimately lead to a healthier way of life. Please for more information or call us to pre-book your appointment now. (949) 699-2796


At Living Intentions, our mission is to change the way people think about nutrition by creating ACTIVATED superfood meals and snacks that are delicious, nutritious, and available everywhere. Activated is an outlook, a way of being, and a mantra for intentionally shifting life into higher gear. That's why we make incredibly flavorful snacks with real, nutritionally-dense, activated foods. 


Whole Body Cryotherapy is an advanced technology that utilizes cold vapor to heal the body. This non­invasive treatment reduces inflammation, pain and soreness, which is why many athletes use it to reduce their recovery time and maximize their performance. In addition to it’s many fitness benefits, this natural process has a positive impact on your overall health, with improved immunity. It also increases metabolism rates resulting in weight loss, and by increasing the collagen levels in your skin, it reduces cellulite and wrinkles. Incorporating cryotherapy into your lifestyle is a great way to achieving a healthier and better you.

Please visit: to pre-book your appointment now.


Born in science. Balanced by nature. Especially for you. Introducing a fresh approach to living well. A revitalized self. A more vibrant you. Instead of masking symptoms with pills and procedures, Integrative Health discovers a purer perspective. We diagnose the true source of discomfort, then champion scientific and natural solutions.  Solutions that work with your body, not against it. The only side effect?  A healthier, happier you. Integrative Health: An alternative to medicine as usual. A circle of physicians who care. A fresh approach to living well. Stop by our booth during the event!


Did you know that Botanical Chocolate is the future of medicine?

Sourcing technology from 500+ years ago, Yes Cacao Botanical Chocolate uses Organic Certified, wild-harvested cacao as a Delicious Delivery System.  Infusions of herbs, teas, flowers, and wonders of the natural world, create functional chocolate bars that give you a lift: Launch into Your Day, Master Your Mind, Find Your Inner Rhythm, and they're just getting started. With no refined sugar, no soy, no dairy, and no gluten, you've never tasted anything quite like this. Make a Wish and Take a Bite at


Fermented foods have been known to improve digestion, therefore restoring health to the system, where 80% of your immune cells reside. If you have stress, have taken antibiotics, drink tap water (now or in  the past), eat cooked processed foods, or take over the counter or prescription) chances are your digestion is impaired. Fermented foods can boost the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut, which assist in breaking down food: as a result, you will have better absorption of nutrients, gas bloating, and skin blemishes will diminish, and an increase in energy will likely occur.


StandDesk is a wellness company revolutionizing the home and office work space with affordable sit-to-stand desks and accessories that will optimize your health and productivity. Stop by our booth to try out innovative new products, receive hands on ergonomic tips from our expert team, play games, and compete in our 3 day wellness challenge!


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Omica Organics was founded on the belief that integrity and environmental responsibility are eminently compatible with good business. Our dedication to this philosophy is reflected in our uncompromising standards. Our guiding principles include a respect for nature and integrity in all our business relationships. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in Product Quality and Value. makes powerful movies and interviews industry experts about subjects that really matter. They serve as a information hub for people interested in taking care of themselves and making a difference in the world. Their mission is to bring the wellness industry (healthcare providers, green businesses, wellness consumers, conscious media, and patients) together in an easy to use platform that helps all parties connect and raises money for philanthropic causes.


Change Your Energy!! Change Your Life!! ECHO-North America's lights the path to wellness on a bio-energetic, holistic level through advanced biofeedback technology that detects and elevates "stressors" to enhance health, performance, and happiness.


Integrated Bliss...Jewelry to rock your mind, body and spirit.  Chakra inspired malas, bracelets and more handmade in Los Angeles




Kaleidoscope will be fueling you with gluten free, high vibe snacks all weekend long. Everything from vegan protein cookies to crackers made with our organic juice pulp. 




Sun Potion Transformational Foods is dedicated to health, happiness and well-being through the use of medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs.  We source the planet for potent, healing substances with the ability to transform consciousness and health.  We work with suppliers who can meet our stringent quality standards and commitment to purity.  We only source Organic and/or Wildcrafted products and we never use ingredients that have been chemically treated in any way. Sun Potion products are created and shared with integrity.


Providing you with the tools, the knowledge, and the experiences needed to live a truly inspired life.




Biobar is an innovative health optimization solution, created and operated exclusively by naturopathic and integrative physicians. Having healed thousands of patients in their private practices with targeted nutrient infusions and shots, the efficacy of these methods proved irrefutable. Years of successful treatment serve as the reference upon which the Biobar system is based. You’ll have an opportunity to test out this cutting edge technology yourself at the event. Prebook your appointments by clicking HERE



Thermal Imaging can detect the three major pre-cursors to most diseases in the body with NO RADIATION, NO COMPRESSION, AND NO CONTACT WITH THE SKIN.

Inflammation and other conditions can immediately be revealed, as well as periodontal disease, or infection that may go unnoticed by X-ray. Total Thermal Imaging is offering Free Face Scans PLUS $100 off any of their packages if you pre-book an appointment with them before the event!

Call 1-619-303-5884 to pre-book your appointment.


Jason Wrobel is offering early bird registration for his new 6-week online course, "My Healthy Hustle", as well as signed copies of his bestselling Hay House cookbook and lifestyle guide, "Eaternity" and bags of Macaccino - his favorite organic superfood energy drink.


Sunwarrior’s mission to illuminate body, mind, and planet drives everything we do, especially the creation of only the best plant-based proteins and superfood supplements. Come meet us and see for yourself!